SAT Math Practice

The best way to do well on any test is to be experienced with the content. The purpose of the content given here is teach the students the concepts and battle-tested approaches they need to know to answer all types of questions in SAT math.

The goal is for every SAT question to be a simple reflex, something the students know how to handle instinctively because they have seen it so many times.

Format of the Test :

There are two math sections on the SAT.

The first section contains 20 questions to be done in 25 minutes without a calculator.

The second section contains 38 questions to be done in 55 minutes and a calculator is permitted.

Table of Contents

1. Exponents and Square Roots

2. Percent

3. Growth and Decay

4. Hardest SAT Math Questions

Note :

Other topics on SAT Math will be updated soon. Our content writing team is updating everyday. Please keep visiting for more content on SAT Math.

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