Math worksheets given in this section will be much useful for the students who are preparing SAT math. Here, we give you topic wise worksheets for SAT math preparation.

The ultimate aim of the worksheets given in this section is to make each student to receive a very good score in his/her SAT math.

Format of the Test :

There are two math sections on the SAT.

The first section contains 20 questions to be done in 25 minutes without a calculator.

The second section contains 38 questions to be done in 55 minutes and a calculator is permitted.

Click on the following links to get SAT Math worksheet on each topic.

1. Laws of Exponents Worksheet

2. Evaluating Expressions Worksheet

3. Solving Equations with Exponents Worksheet

4. Simplifying Square Roots Worksheet

5. Rationalizing the Denominator Worksheet

6. Percent Change Worksheet

7. Simple and Compound Interest Worksheet

8. Percent Word Problems Worksheet

9. Exponential Growth and Decay Worksheet

10. Doubling Time and Half Life Worksheet

11. Functions Worksheet

12. Expressions Worksheet

13. Rates Worksheet

14. Exponents and Radicals Worksheet

15. Triangles Worksheet

16. Lines Worksheet

17. Interpreting Linear Models Worksheet

18. Complex Numbers Worksheet

19. Quadratics Worksheet

20. Parabolas Worksheet

21. Proportions Worksheet

22. Manipulating and Solving Equations Worksheet

23. Algebraic Manipulation Worksheet

24. Equation Solving Strategies Worksheet

25. Circles Worksheet

26. Angles Worksheet

27. Absolute Value Worksheet

28. Percent Worksheet

29. Probability Worksheet

30. Exponential vs Linear Growth Worksheet

31. Inequalities Worksheet

32. Volume Worksheet

33. Mean Median and Mode Worksheet

34. Arithmetic Mean Worksheet

35. Median Worksheet

36. Trigonometry Worksheet

37. Quadratic Equations Worksheet

Hardest SAT Math Questions

Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

Part - 4

Part - 5

Part - 6

Part - 7

Part - 8

Click here to learn SAT Math concepts on different topics.

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