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Our site,, gets information which are particularly identifiable from the online visitors to the site only on a voluntary basis. Personal information received on a voluntary basis might include some details like name, address, electronic mail id, name of the company and phone number.

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The visitors will be able to accept or decline cookies by making changes in their browser; Any how, if a visitor chooses to decline cookies, he/she might not have ability to have complete experience in the interactive features of our web site.

Beacon is an obvious image file which is being used to monitor journey of a visitor around one particular website or a bunch of some websites. The web beacons may be referred to as web bugs and also they are being used by the sites that hire services offered by third-party to monitor traffic. The web beacons can also be used together with cookies in order to understand how the visitors can interact with the web pages and content on a particular page of the web site.

We might serve advertisements of third parties which are using beacons and cookies in terms of ads served on the site to assure how far a visitor has seen advertisement. The information given by you which are personally identifiable will never be provided to the visitors for beacon cookie use. Hence the people who visit our website will never be able to identify you by using the information placed on our site.

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Settings of browsers can be changed such that the browsers might decline or accept cookies or it will let you know while a cookie is sent. Some soft wares can be used to override beacons. By taking this kind of actions will never cause any problem with our web site.

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Some times, we can get information about the visitors which are not personally identifiable. These kinds of information do not identify individual users. Will be using these information for analyzation of trends, administration of the site, tracking users’ move across the web site and also gathering demographic info about the visitors of our website. The information which we have collected from the visitors of our web site are being used for the review conducted internally and they will never be shared with others for the purpose of commercial.

Information- Release :

Incase is sold, the collection of information from the visitors by their participation voluntarily in our website might be transferred to the new owner being a part of the sale of this website. It will be done due to un-interruption of the service being provided to you and it will continue as the same. In the moment of the above situation, we will give you the notifications on our website regarding the change of ownership. If you make of us any opt-out requests, will definitely take reasonable efforts to assure that the purchaser honors.

Correction or Removal of Information :

We are providing this privacy policy as a document to the visitors that we strongly commit to protect information which are personally provided by them. Incase a visitor of our website would like to delete or update or make any correction of the information provided by him/her, please get in touch with us by using Contact us page.    

Updation and Date Effectiveness : reserves the right to lay down changes in this privacy policy. Incase there is going to be any material change in privacy practices, we will be informing on our site that changes have been made on our privacy practices and we will give a link to the updated privacy policy. We always encourage the visitors of our website to review our privacy policy periodically. Then only, the visitors can know what kind of information we are collecting and how we are using them.

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Mensuration formulas

Area and perimeter



Types of angles 

Types of triangles

Properties of triangle

Sum of the angle in a triangle is 180 degree

Properties of parallelogram

Construction of triangles - I 

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Construction of triangles - III

Construction of angles - I 

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