Quantitative Aptitude  is the topic where we have numerical calculations involved in solving many problems. The problem in which we have numerical calculations includes arithmetic reasoning, percentage analysis, table reading, graphs and more.

Quantitative Aptitude Tricks:

The quantitative-aptitude test is being conducted in order to measure the accuracy and numerical ability in calculations. The test is being conducted for both placement and admission to higher studies.Quantitative aptitude tricks are very important to solve the problems in which numerical calculations involved.

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Why is this test required for placement?

Often people have question about this test for placement. To have better understanding of this, let us consider the following example. Software companies conduct this test as initial screening to exclude the candidates who are unfit. In an aptitude test which is conducted as initial screening to recruit software developers, there is a question, “In a triangle the second angle is 5 degrees more than the first angle and the third angle is three times of the first angle. Find the second angle.” Options for answer to the above question are (a) 35   (b) 105   (c) 40   (d) 45.

Some candidates are able to give answer for this question and some are not.

 Here people have questions about this kind of questions in the initial screening test.

The questions what they have is,

1. What is the relation between this kind of questions and the nature of work which is going to be done by the candidates if they are selected?”              

2. What does a software engineer will do in his work (software development) with the knowledge of solving the above mathematical problem?

The answer for the above questions is,

Not only in the field of software development, in any field, people who are good in math, numerical calculations or numerical ability or mental ability can perform better than others those who do not have the above qualities.

Now the people have a question for this explanation.

The question what they have is,

Who said this?

It was not said by any one. It is being said by the researches made on this. In this regard, I would like to share my experience which I saw in person. In a multinational company, there was a numerical calculation test conducted among the employees who are in sales team. After the test, marks scored by them and sales target achieved by them in the past 1 year are compared. People who have scored more marks have performed well in the past one year in sales. So the above incident clearly says that there is a strong correlation between quantitative aptitude and work performance irrespective of the field in which people are working. That is, in whichever field you work, you can perform better, if you are good in numerical calculations and quantitative aptitude tricks.

With the aim of making the people to improve their numerical ability, we give online worksheets in our website where people can take online test, check their answer and see the explanation for answers.

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