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In this page formulas for shapes you can find many shapes and related formulas.Mensuration is one of the branches of mathematics.This means measurement.It is is being done in our life in many situations.
For example,

A length of cloth we need for stitching, the area of a wall which is being painted, perimeter of the circular garden to be fenced. For these kind of situation we need to use one of these formulas. Here, we cover two major areas.

1. Perimeter

2. Area

Name of shape



Area of circle = Π r ²

Circumference of circle = 2 Π r

Example problems of area of circle

Example problems of circumference of circle

Equilateral Triangle

Area of Equilateral-triangle = (√3/4) a²

Perimeter of Equilateral-triangle = 3a

Example problems on equilateral triangle

Scalene Triangle

Area of scalene triangle = √s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)

Perimeter of scalene triangle

= a + b +  c

Example problems on scalene triangle

Semi circle

Area of Semi circle= (1/2) Π r²

Perimeter of semi-circle = Πr

Example problems on semi circle


Area of quadrant = (1/4) Π r²

Example problems on quadrant


Area of parallelogram = b x h

Example problems of area of parallelogram

Example problems of perimeter of parallelogram


Area of quadrilateral

=(1/2) x d x (h₁+h₂)

Example problems of area of quadrilateral


Area of rectangle = L x W

Perimeter of rectangle=2(l+w)

Examples problems on area of rectangle

Examples of perimeter of rectangle


Area of square =

Perimeter of square = 4a

Examples problems on area of square

Examples problems on perimeter of square


Area of rhombus =(1/2) x (d₁ x d₂)

Examples problems on area of rhombus

Examples problems on perimeter of rhombus


Area of trapezoid =(1/2) (a + b) x h

Examples problems on area of trapezoid


Area of the sector = (θ/360) x Π r ² square units

(or)  Area of the sector = (1/2) x l r square units   

Length of arc = (θ/360) x 2Πr

Examples problems on area of area of sector

Examples problems on length of arc

Worksheet for length of arc

Perimeter of sector worksheets

Area of sector worksheet

Path ways

Example problems on pathways

Combined Figures

Example problems on combined figures

Area around circle

Example problems on area around circular path

Formulas for shapes would be very useful for school students who are studying lower classes. Here you can find formulas almost for all the shapes. We have also given sample problems to understand these formulas. Most of the problems in mensuration can not be done without these formulas.We have explained each topic with clear pictures. Please go through the examples to understand this topic more clearly.

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