About online math calculator

Online math calculator is the term which has many things in it. We people know about classic calculator in which we can use the mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,square root etc. Due to the rapid growth in technology, students have scientific calculator, graphics calculator etc. Even though students have these advanced calculators, they are in need of calculators which can be used to solve higher level mathematical problems like finding rank of a matrix, inverse of a matrix, HCF and LCM calculators etc. So, students always look for these calculators online. To help the students who are looking for these calculators, we have provided many math calculators here which can solve higher level mathematical problems.

Please click the below links to get the calculator that you want.

Matrix Calculators

1. Matrix Inverse Calculator - 2x2 Matrix

2. Matrix Inverse Calculator - 3x3 Matrix

3. Matrix Inverse Calculator - 4x4 Matrix

4. Matrix Rank Calculator With Steps

5. Cramer's Rule Calculator

6. Matrix Addition Calculator - 3x3 Matrix

7. Matrix Subtraction Calculator - 3x3 Matrix

8. Matrix Multiplication Calculator - 2x2 Matrix

9. Matrix Multiplication Calculator - 3x3 Matrix

10. Matrix Determinant Calculator - 3x3 & 2x2 Matrix

11. Matrix Addition calculator - 2x2 Matrix

12. Matrix Subtraction Calculator- 2x2 Matrix

13. Matrix Addition Calculator - 4x4 Matrix

14. Matrix Subtraction Calculator- 4x4 Matrix

15. Matrix Multiplication Calculator - 4x4 Matrix

16. Matrix Determinant Calculator - 4x4 matrix

17. Squared Matrix Calculator

18. Transpose Matrix Calculator

Analytical Geometry Calculators

1. Distance between two points calculator

2. Midpoint Calculator

3. Centroid Triangle Calculator

4. Perpendicular distance calculator

5. Equation of perpendicular bisector calculator.

6. Point slope form calculator

7. Slope intercept form calculator

8. Triangle Area Calculator (3 points)

Mensuration Calculators

1. Rectangle Area Calculator

2. Acreage Calculator

3. Circle Calculator

4. Sphere Calculator

5. Hemisphere Calculator

6. Cone Calculator

7. Cylinder Calculator

8. Rectangle Calculator

9. Kite Area Calculator

10. Cube Volume Calculator

11. Cube Area Calculator

12. Pyramid Calculator

13. Square Calculator

14. Barrel Volume Calculator

15. Pipe Volume Calculator

16. Rhombus Area Calculator

17. Cuboid Calculator

18. Heron's Triangle Area Calculator

19. Trapezium Area Calculator

20. Regular Polygon Area Calculator

21. Polygon Angle Calculator

22. Circle Sector Area Calculator

Statistics Calculators

1. Arithmetic Mean Calculator

2. Geometric Mean Calculator

3. Standard Deviation Calculator

4. Population Standard Deviation calculator

5. Variance Calculator

6 Population Variance Calculator

7. Correlation Coefficient Calculator

8. Coefficient of Variation Calculator

9. Linear Regression Calculator

10. Linear interpolation calculator

Algebra Calculators

1. Algebra Formula Calculator

2. Equation Solver for 2 variables

3. Equation Solver for 3 variables

4. Quadratic Equation Calculator

5. Parabola Vertex Calculator

6. Radical Equation Calculator

Other Math Calculators

1. HCF and LCM Calculator

2. Logarithm and Antilogarithm Calculator (For any base)

3. Simple Interest Calculator

4. Compound Interest Calculator

5. Pythagoras Theorem Calculator

6. Prime Factorization Calculator

7. Prime Number Calculator

8. Permutation Calculator

9. Combination Calculator

10. Arithmetic Progression Calculator

11. Percentage Change Calculator

12. Percentage Increase Calculator

13. Percentage Decrease Calculator

14. Sum of Squares Calculator

15. Sum of Cubes Calculator

16. Decimal to Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Calculator

17. Binary to Decimal, Octal and Hexadecimal Converter

18. Octal to Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal Converter

19. Hexadecimal to Decimal, Binary and Octal Converter

20. Percentage Calculator

21. Simplify Fraction calculator

22. Number to Word Converter

23. Radical Calculator

24. Fraction Comparison Calculator

25. Equivalent Fraction Calculator

Chemistry Calculators

1. Periodic Table Calculator

Why do people need these calculators?

Apart from the regular calculator, people who study math are in need of these math calculators. Because, when people work out lengthy problems, they may not have time to solve and find the things like HCF, LCM, rank of a matrix etc.. At that time, calculating  the above things would be an additional burden for them in solving lengthy math problems. To reduce the burden of those people, we have provided online math calculator.

Using the calculator in solving word problems

When people do preparation of solving word problems on math, they may not have to spend time to sub parts of the problems like HCF, LCM, determinant of a matrix, logarithm etc. They may have to spend time only  to get idea of "How to solve". In this situation, they would not like to spend time to find the the above mentioned terms. And also they would not be able to use the regular calculators to calculate rank of a matrix, inverse of a matrix. Even though some scientific calculators can be used to find logarithm, it does not give the facility of finding logarithm for the base which is other than 10.By using this online math calculator, students will be able to get solution for all kinds of math problems and they can find much time to get idea of solving the word problems.

Advantages of using our calculators

School students have the topic "Rank of a Matrix " in their 11th and 12th grades. They are given a matrix for which they have to find the rank. They find the rank of the matrix as directed in the question.But they are not sure whether the answer they got is correct or incorrect. At that time, they can check the answer they have received is correct or incorrect using this calculator.  .

Apart from the advantages explained above, this online math calculator can also be used to learn how to find the rank of a matrix.This calculator will explain you step by step as if a teacher were explaining.

Even though some scientific calculators can be used to find logarithm, it does not give the facility of finding logarithm for the base which is other than 10. But our logarithm calculator can be used to find logarithm of any number for any base.

In the above paragraphs, we have seen the advantages of using matrix rank calculator and logarithm calculator. Like this, we have many advantages for each online math calculator provided on this page.  

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