About fraction comparison calculator

Fraction comparison calculator provided on this webpage is a tool which can be used to compare the given two fractions. Apart from the comparison, this calculator will also give you the values of two fractions in integer or decimal form.  

Why do people need this online calculator?

When students want to compare the two fractions, they will do it two ways. The first way is, they will get the exact values of two fractions in integer or decimal form and compare. The second way is, they will make both the fractions as equivalent like fractions and compare. If the students compare two fractions using any of the two ways, it will take some time and students have to do some calculations. They can not use regular calculator to compare the given two fractions. 

When students do lengthy problems in math, they have to concentrate a lot on getting idea to solve the problem. In some situations, they may have to compare two fractions as a part of the problem. While solving a lengthy  problem, doing the above work as a part of the problem will annoy them. At that time, students can use this online fraction comparison calculator to compare any two fractions.

Using this calculator in solving word problems

When people do preparation of solving word problems in math, they may have to spend time to get idea on "How to solve". In some situations,  they may have to compare two fractions as a part of the word problem. While they are thinking a lot to solve the word problem, they would not like to spend time to do the above mentioned work.

Because, when people do word problems in math , they have to do this work separately and they might do some careless mistakes in comparing two fractions. It will definitely disturb the solving of word problems. To avoid this inconvenience, we have programmed a calculator which can be used to compare the given two fractions. By using this online calculator, students will find much time to get idea of solving the word problems. 

Advantages of using this online calculator

Students have the topic "Fractions" in school level  math. They may have to do lots of problems on this topic. In some of the problems, they have to compare the given two fractions. Students would find answer for the question as per the directions given in the question. But they would not be sure, whether the answer they have received is correct or incorrect. At that time, they can use this online calculator to verify their answer.


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