About SAT preparation

SAT preparation is must for the students who would like to score more marks  in SAT.SAT exam is standardized test which is mainly taken by the candidates who would like  to study in the USA.  Marks scored in this SAT exam is  mandatory for the students who would like to  take admission in bachelor degree courses in USA. The exam has a standard format and it has been divided in to three sections. The exam is having a set pattern of questions, curriculum, conditions of admission, and scoring etc. The paper structure, scoring scheme and pattern are all standard and well known to all. The main aim of conducting this exam is granting admission in the undergraduate courses across the US.

This exam is very important and almost all the universities in US acknowledge the SAT as entrance exam. Marks scored in this exam  will determine the admission of a student in  desired college or university. This is the thing which  makes the exam very famous among the students  who would like   to take admission in undergraduate degree courses  in US.

SAT Exam Pattern

This exam has been designed in order to to assess the skills of thinking and logical reasoning of the candidates. These are the basic skills which are required by the students in schools. But, these skills are highly valued at the college level as well. The main aim of  conducting this exam is to evaluate students for their writing, reading as well as mathematical skills.

There are two tests in SAT. They are:

    SAT - I : Reasoning Test

    SAT - II : Subject Test

What is the right time to do SAT?

Students usually take this SAT exam during their grade 11 (junior year) or 12 (senior year). The test is being offered in January, March (not for international students), May, June, October, November and December. Students have to plan well ahead to meet the registration deadlines. They have to allow time to repeat the test if necessary. Despite the skills which are developed in high school are tested, most students must spend time to prepare by working through practice questions.

How can students do SAT preparation?

If a student thinks about taking SAT this year, He has to take at least 3 months training to get prepared for the test. So, it is always advisable for the students to start SAT preparation at least 3 months before the exam date.For most of the students, it means catching up on all the vocabularies which they have never learned in school.

Apart from this, students mus brush up basic math skills. There are many books which help the students to prepare SAT. If a student has good self-discipline, he can do preparation for SAT on his own using the material provided in our website.

It is much essential for any student to get practice on real SAT tests published in our website.


PSAT online practice test math - Paper 1

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 2

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 3

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 4

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 5

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 6

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 7

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 8

PSAT online practice test math - Paper 9

How to register for SAT.

If a student wants to register for the SAT, find out the current fees, or get more detailed information, he/she should go to the College Board website

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