Online aptitude test given in this section can be taken by any one without any login credentials. At the end of the test,  students can check their score instantly and also they can view detailed answer for all the questions. 

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Aptitude Test-2

Aptitude Test-3

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Aptitude Test-5

If you want to learn quantitative aptitude skills in detail, please click on the below links to learn the stuff that you want to learn. 

1. Problems on Numbers

2. HCF and LCM Problems

3. HCF and LCM Word Problems

4. LCM and HCF Calculator 

5. Problems on Trains

6. Time and Work problems

7. Time and Distance Problems

8. Problems on Ages

9. Problems on Average

10. Problems on Boats and Streams

11. Problems on Ratio and Proportion

12. Allegation and mixture

13. Percentage word problems

14. Profit and Loss Shortcuts

15. Problems on Partnership

16. Simple Interest Problems

17. Compound Interest Problems

18. Permutation and Combination Problems

19. Calendar Problems

20. Formulas for shapes

21. Mensuration

22. Clock Problems

23. Word Problems on Simple Equations

24. Word Problems on Simultaneous Equations

25. Problems on Quadratic Equations

26. Word Problems on Quadratic equations

27. Pipes and Cisterns Shortcuts

28. Surds and Indices

29. Logarithm Concepts and Problems

30. Modular Arithmetic

Apart from the stuff given in this section if you need any other stuff in math, please use our google custom search here.

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