In this page mensuration worksheets we are going to see various worksheets of the topic mensuration of various grades.

Mensuration is one of the branch of mathematics.This means measurement.It is is being done in our life in many situations.

For example,

Length of cloth we need for stitching,the area of a wall which is being painted, perimeter of circular garden to be fenced, quantity of water needed to fill the tank.For these kind of activities, we are doing measurements for further needs.

Here, we are going to cover three areas here.


In this topic we are going study about perimeter, area and volume of different shapes like cylinder,cone,sphere,hemisphere etc.These shapes are called geometric shapes.

Apart from our aim towards the exam, like preparing for exams,aiming to score more marks in exams, we need the formulas and concepts of this topic to solve some problems in our day to day life also.

Mensuration-Practical example

A painter charges $5 per square meter to paint a wall.Mr.Joseph has wall whose length is 5m and width is 4m.How much does Mr.Joseph have to pay to paint the wall?

This is a problem we usually face in our day to day life.

To find solution to this problem, we need to determine the area of the wall.After determining the area of the wall, we can easily find the total money required to paint the wall.To find the area of the wall, we need formula.That we get from this topic.
Let us look at another example.

We have cylindrical tank whose radius and height are 1 meter and 3 meter respectively.Find the volume of water required to fill up the tank.

To solve the above problem we need the formula to find the volume of the cylinder. To solve these type of problems in our life, we require the concepts of volume.For different shapes we have different formulas.

You can click the following links to know about the given sub topics of mensuration.

More shapes








Hollow cylinder


Example problems of sphere

Area around circle

Area of combined figures








Path ways


1. Rectangle Area Calculator

2. Acreage Calculator

3. Circle Calculator

4. Sphere Calculator

5. Hemisphere Calculator

6. Cone Calculator

7. Cylinder Calculator

8. Rectangle Calculator

9. Kite Area Calculator

10. Cube Volume Calculator

11. Cube Area Calculator

12. Pyramid Calculator

13. Square Calculator

14. Barrel Volume Calculator

15. Pipe Volume Calculator

16. Rhombus Area Calculator

17. Cuboid Calculator

18. Heron's Triangle Area Calculator

19. Trapezium Area Calculator

20. Regular Polygon Area Calculator

21. Polygon Angle Calculator

22. Circle Sector Area Calculator

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