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"Aptitude Test ", this is the most searchable topic on internet today. Because for each and every student, it is very important to be good in quantitative aptitude in order to get admission in top business schools for doing MBA  and also to get placed after their graduation. People are buying lots of books and searching math content related to quantitative aptitude on internet. On behalf of our website www.onlinemath4all.com, we would like to help the students who would like to be good in quantitative aptitude.

On this webpage, we give aptitude online test  which can be taken by any one without any login credentials. At the end of the test,  students can check their score instantly and also they can view detailed answer for all the questions. We hope, this online practice test will be a great boost for the students

What is the benefit of taking this online test?

When students take this online aptitude practice test , they can come to know their level in solving math problems. That is , how far they are able to solve aptitude math questions within the stipulated time. Because, in competitive exams like GMAT, students will have only some seconds to answer each question. When they have math problems, they must be knowing to complete the problems in time.So, before they are going to write competitive exams like GMAT, they need to take some mock tests.

Today, very few web sites are giving online practice test like this. With the aim of helping the students to take mock test, we provide this online practice test. The quality of the questions given in our online practice test are in high standard and practicing these questions will definitely make the students to reach their goals.   

Shortcuts we use to solve the problems

Short cut is nothing but the easiest way to solve math problems which are being asked in competitive exams. In competitive exams, we will have very limited time to solve each problem. Then only we will be able to attend all the questions. If we do problems in competitive exams in perfect manner with all the steps, it will definitely take much time and we may not able to attend the other questions. So we need some other way in which the problems can be solved in a very short time. The way we need to solve the problem quickly is called as shortcut. We have provided the shortcuts and way of solving math problems in detailed answers.   

You can learn more trcks to solve quantitative problems through the link given below.

Click here to know Quantitative Aptitude Tricks

Now you can take Aptitude Test Online

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Aptitude Test-3

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Aptitude Test-5

More aptitude tests will be updated very soon. Keep Visiting

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