4th Grade Worksheet6

Here, 4th grade worksheet6 on math is given. You can do the problems on this work sheet and also check whether the answer you have got is correct.We have already given the direct answers to all he question paper.Online math 4 all gives collections of work sheets from all the grades.

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In this 4th grade worksheet6, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 4 th grade

1.How many three digit numbers are there?

(A) 800
(B) 850
(C) 900

2.What is the roman numeral for "1000" ?

(A) L
(B) M

3.Which of the following numbers are divisible 9?

(A) 4268
(C) 1342

4.Write 800 in exponential form.

(A) 3⁵ x 2²
(B) 2⁵ x 5²
(C) 5⁵ x 5²

5.Two composite numbers which have no common factors are called mutually __________________.

(A) Prime
(B) Composite
(C) None of these

6.A milk man had 15 liters of milk in a vessel and 20 liters of milk in another vessel. Find the maximum capacity of a measuring jar which the milkman uses to measure milk from either vessel an exact number of times.

(A) 8 liters
(B) 5 liters
(C) 3 liters

7.Find the L.C.M of 48,56,72 and 108.

(A) 3024
(B) 3115
(C) 1248

8.Find the value of 16.45 + 124.562 + 62.7 - 75.243

(A) 148.633
(B) 115.24
(C) 128.469

9.Fill in the blanks with suitable number 5.6 x _____ = 56

(A) 10
(B) 100
(C) 1000

10.Simplify 1/5 ÷ 3

(A) 8/5
(B) 3/5
(C) 7/9

These are the questions on math prepared in 4th grade worksheet6 based on the curriculum of 4th grade

Answers for 4th grade worksheet6:

1. 900

2. M

3. 3447

4. 2⁵ x 5²

5. Prime

6. 5 liters

7. 3024

8. 128.469

9. 10

10. 3/5

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