4th Grade Worksheet11

Here, 4th grade worksheet11 on math is given. You can do the problems on this work sheet and also check whether the answer you have got is correct.We have already given the direct answers to all he question paper.Online math 4 all gives collections of work sheets from all the grades.

You may practice each set of worksheets and also you check your answers that will help you to evaluate the knowledge.Teachers and parents also can help the children to practice the work sheets and improve their knowledge. If you are having any difficulties to understand any step in the solution please Contact us via mail. We will send you step by step detailed solution.

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In this 4th grade worksheet11, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 4th grade

1.Divide 7 by 1/5

(A) 85
(B) 38
(C) 35

2.Simplify 5/6 ÷ (15/18 x 6/9)

(A) 1/2
(B) 3/2
(C) 1/5

3.1/3 of the population of a village are the farmers.If the number of others is 1120.,find the total population of the village.

(A) 1530
(B) 1680
(C) 1245

4.Convert 40% into decimal fraction.

(A) 0.25
(B) 0.4
(C) 0.1

5.12% of the books in a public library are mathematics books. If there are 92,000 books in the library,determine the number of mathematics books.

(A) 11040
(B) 12000
(C) 15400

6.The present age of a father is 42 and the age of his son is 6. What is the ratio of the father's age to the son's age?

(A) 7:5
(B) 7:1
(C) 2:1

7.10 boys are in the school cub group. Their ages are 8,9,8,10,9,10,9,9,8,10. what is the average age of the group?

(A) 9
(B) 2
(C) 13

8.A train covers 20 km in 6 hours.How much time will it take to cover 360 km?

(A) 1 hour
(B) 5 hours
(C) 3 hours

9.Find the number of days from August 15 to October 2 of the same year.

(A) 48
(B) 32
(C) 18

10.Change 3 weeks 3 days and 12 hours into hours.

(A) 125 hours
(B) 588 hours
(C) 250 hours

These are the questions prepared in the topic 4th Grade Worksheet11

Answers for 4th grade worksheet11

1. 35

2. 3/2

3. 1680

4. 0.4

5. 11040

6. 7:1

7. 9

8. 3 hours

9. 48

10. 588 hours

Quote on Mathematics

“Mathematics, without this we can do nothing in our life. Each and everything around us is math.

Math is not only solving problems and finding solutions and it is also doing many things in our day to day life. They are:

It subtracts sadness and adds happiness in our life.

It divides sorrow and multiplies forgiveness and love.

Some people would not be able accept that the subject Math is easy to understand. That is because; they are unable to realize how the life is complicated. The problems in the subject Math are easier to solve than the problems in our real life. When we people are able to solve all the problems in the complicated life, why can we not solve the simple math problems?

Many people think that the subject math is always complicated and it exists to make things from simple to complicate. But the real existence of the subject math is to make things from complicate to simple.”

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