4th Grade Worksheet10

Here, 4th grade worksheet10 on math is given. You can do the problems on this work sheet and also check whether the answer you have got is correct.We have already given the direct answers to all he question paper.

In this 4th grade worksheet10, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 4th grade

1.The number which does not have no common factor other than the number itself and 1,is called ______________ number.

(A) Composite
(B) even
(C) prime

2.Find the prime factors of 72

(A) 2⁵ x 3 ²
(B) 23 ˣ ³ 2
(C) 24 ˣ ³

3.The factor common to two or more numbers is called a ___________ factor.

(A) prime
(B) common
(C) none of these

4.The quantity of coffee in three vessels are 1200 ml,1440 ml and 1320 ml.Find the capacity of the largest cup that can measure the coffee in the vessels and exact number of times.

(A) 150 ml
(B) 120 ml
(C) 100 ml

5.H.C.F x _____________ = product of two numbers

(A) L.C.M
(B) dividend
(C) divisor

6.represent the decimal 0.84 in to lowest form of fraction.

(A) 12/25
(B) 21/25
(C) 13/25

7.Subtract 546.925 - 52.68

(A) 494.245
(B) 214.25
(C) 1245.3

8.To multiply a decimal fraction by 10,move the decimal point by one place to the _____________

(A) right
(B) left
(C) none of these

9.A speed of a train is 2.5 kilometer per hour.What distance would it travel in 3 hours?

(A) 217.5 km
(B) 107.5 km
(C) 27.5 km

10.A family requires 2.5 liters of milk per day. How much milk would the family require in a month of 31 days?

(A) 125.5 liters
(B) 77.5 liters
(C) 65.1 liters

These are the questions on math prepared in 4th grade worksheet10 based on the curriculum of 4th grade.Students need to practice this kind of question paper to improve their knowledge.

Answers for 4th grade worksheet10:
1. Prime

2. 2³ x 3 ²


4.120 ml

5. L.C.M

6. 21/25


8. right

9.217.5 km

10.77.5 liters

Quote on Mathematics

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