Path Ways

Path ways are laid in big plots, fields and grounds, along breadth wise, length wise and both breadth wise and length wise.

Now let us see some example problems to understand this topic.

Example 1:

A plot is 100 m long and 60 m broad. A path 5 m wide runs breadth wise across the ground in the middle. Find the area of the path.

Solution :

In the bellow figure the shaded portion is the path way. To find the area of pathway we can take the length as 60 m and breadth as 5 m.

Area of pathway = L x B

                        = 60 x 5

                        = 300 m²

Example 2:

Find the area of the shaded portion in the below figure.


Area of shaded portion = Area of rectangle ABCD - Area of rectangle EFGH

Area of rectangle ABCD:

Length (AB) = 120 m

Breadth (BC) = 80 m

Area of rectangle ABCD = Length x width

                                = 120 x 80

                                = 9600 m²

Area of rectangle EFGH :

Length (EF) = 110 m

Breadth (FG) = 70 m

Area of rectangle EFGH= Length x width

                                = 110 x 70

                                = 7700 m²

Area of shaded portion = Area of rectangle ABCD - Area of rectangle EFGH

                                = 9600  - 7700

                                = 1900 m²

Example 3:

There is a hall 40 m in length and 30 m in breadth. There is verandah 5 m wide surrounding the hall on all the four sides out side. Find the area of the verandah.


First let us draw the diagram based on the given details.

The hall is a rectangle. The hall and verandahs which is out side is bigger rectangle.

Then length of bigger rectangle = 40 + 5 + 5

                                           = 50 m

Breadth of bigger rectangle = 30 + 5 + 5

                                      = 40 m

Area of hall and verandahs = 50 x 40

                                     = 2000 m²

Area of the hall = 40 x 30

                     = 1200 m²

Area of verandahs = 2000 - 1200

                         = 800 m²       

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