Subtraction Worksheets

In this page subtraction worksheets you have 15 worksheets. Each worksheet contains 10 questions with three options. You have to type the correct option in the given box.As soon as you click the button "check quiz", you will get the score of your test. By using these worksheets, the kids who are in the grade 5 or below 5 can practice subtraction.

What is meant by subtraction in mathematics?

The meaning of subtraction is removing some objects from a group of objects. For example 8-3 = 5 means, taking away or removing 3 objects from a group of 8 objects. Here the final answer 5 represents after removing 3 objects from the group in which we have 5 objects.

Generally in subtraction we have three parts

1. Minuend

2. Subtrahend

3. Difference

In the above example 8 -3 = 5, 8 is called as minuend 3 is called as subtrahend and 5 is known as difference.

Mathematical definition of the term "subtraction"

Subtraction is a mathematical operation which is the process of finding difference between two numbers or removing one number from another number.

Symbol for subtraction:

It is represented by the symbol called negative or minus (-)

Difference between addition and subtraction:

 Addition is combining objects together. Subtraction is removing one or some objects from the group of objects.Every addition problem can be rewritten as subtraction problem.

For example, 5 + 2 = 7 can also be written as 5 = 7 - 2 or 2 = 7 - 5.

Addition is always commutative. But subtraction is not.That is,  in addition, 5 + 2 and 2 + 5 both are same but in subtraction 5 - 2 and 2 - 5 are not same.

Subtraction Worksheets


Subtraction-worksheet 1


Subtraction-worksheet 2


Subtraction-worksheet 3


Subtraction-worksheet 4


Subtraction-worksheet 5


Subtraction-worksheet 6


Subtraction-worksheet 7


Subtraction-worksheet 8


Subtraction-worksheet 9


Subtraction-worksheet 10


Subtraction-worksheet 11


Subtraction-worksheet 12


Subtraction-worksheet 13


Subtraction worksheet-14


Subtraction worksheet-15

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