5th Grade Math Worksheet Free :

In this section, we will see some practice problems for 5th grade students.

Question 1 :

Find the value of mn + x2 + y2. When x  =  2, y  =  1, m  =  2 and n  =  0.

(A)  5     (B)  10      (C)  15


Question 2 :

The sign of the product of a positive number and a negative number is always __________

(A) Positive   (B) Negative    (C) Zero


Question 3 :

Write the following fractions in numerals.

(A) 5/4   (B) 4/5   (C) 1/5


Question 4 :

Reduce 18/20 to its lowest form.

(A) 9/10   (B) 8/5     (C) 5/10 


Question 5 :

Three pieces of pipe weight 10.5 kg, 11.42 kg and 26.5 kg.What is the total weight of the three pieces of pipe?.

(A) 48.42 kg    (B) 57.52 kg     (C) 30.10 kg


Question 6 :

A wire measures 0.12 meters. If you cut it into 3 pieces of equal length, how long will each piece be?

(A) 0.02 m     (B) 0.06 m     (C) 0.04 m


Question 7 :

The sum of one set of alternate digits and sum of the other set of alternate digits, differ by 0 or 1 or multiple of 11. Then the number is divisible by ______

(A) 9      (B) 11     (C) 15


Question 8 :

The product of two numbers is 288. Their L.C.M is 144. What is their G.C.D? 

(A) 4     (B) 6      (C) 2


Question 9 :

The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 800 m. If the length of the garden is 250 m, find the area of the garden in hectares.

(A) 3.75    (B) 3.2      (C) 10.5


Question 10 :

The volume of a cuboid is 118 cu.cm. If the length is 5.5 m and the breadth is 2.8 m. Find the height of the box.

(A)  7.6 cm      (B) 6.2 cm      (C) 5.4 cm


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