Grade 5 Math Worksheet Free :

In this section, we will see some practice problems for 5th grade students.

Question 1 :

An urn contains red, green and blue marbles. Keisha is told 60% of the marbles are blue and that the bag contains 23 red marbles and 33 green marbles. How many blue marbles are in the urn?

(A) 84    (B) 58    (C) 70


Question 2 :

How many numbers are divisible by 7 between 10 and 50 ?

(A) 7     (B) 5     (C) 6


Question 3 :

The number of perfect squares between 10 and 103 is

(A) 2     (B) 5     (C) 7


Question 4 :

Mark bought two types of plants at a nursery for his garden. Each plant of first type cost $3 and each plant of second type cost $4. If he had spent exactly $18 to buy both the types, how many plants of first type would he have bought ?

(A) 1     (B) 2     (C) 5


Question 5 :

The area of the shaded portion in the above figure

(A)  15     (B)  28      (C)  10


Question 6 :

Find the greatest common factor of 24 and 30?

(A) 4      (B) 5     (C) 6


Question 7 :

The value of 5 cubed times 2 squared is

(A) 570     (B) 250      (C) 500


Question 8 :

In how many ways, Can five people stand in a line for a photograph?

(A) 120     (B) 152      (C) 520


Question 9 :

Michael and David went on a three day hike. They hiked 10 miles per day. The first day they took 3 hours of hiking to travel 10 miles. On the second day they took 5 hours. If the average rate of speed for the entire trip was 2.5 miles per hour, how many hours of hiking did they take to travel 10 miles on the third day?

(A) 4      (B) 2      (C) 5


Question 10  :

The value of 25 factorial divided 24 factorial is

(A) 18    (B) 25     (C) 30


After having gone through the stuff given above, we hope that the students would have practiced problems in the worksheet.

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