5th Grade Online Math Worksheet :

In this section, we will see some practice problems for 5th grade students.

Question 1 :

Peterson had $57 of game dollars at the end of the game.While playing the game he won $200, lost $150, won $25, lost $10, and lost $35. How much had Peterson had at the beginning in dollars?

(A) 27    (B) 38     (C) 14


Question 2 :

The number of lines of symmetry for a square is

(A) 2     (B) 5      (C) 4


Question 3 :

Lily is one year younger to her husband Jack. If 650 is the product of their ages,. How old is Lily in years?

(A) 12     (B) 15      (C) 25


Question 4 :

Cameroon is tossing a fair coin two times. What is the probability for getting two heads?

(A) 1/2     (B) 1/4      (C) 1/5


Question 5 :

A shirt is sold for $20.00 by a cloth store. The store has decided to raise the price by 20%. After a few days, again they decided to raise the price another 20%. What is the price of the shirt now?

(A) 15.2      (B) 28.8    (C) 10.5


Question 6 :

The list price of a calculator is $130. Amy got 20% discount on list price while buying it. How much did she pay for the calculator?

(A) 142        (B) 150       (C) 104


Question 7 :

The ratio of boys to girls on the St.John’s Math Team was 2:3. Four boys joined the team and the ratio changed to 4:5. How many boys are now on the St.John’ Math Team?

(A) 57      (B) 15      (C) 24


Question 8 :

The sum and product of the two numbers are 9 and 20 respectively. Which of the smallest of those two numbers ?

(A) 4         (B) 2       (C) 5


Question 9 :

The cost 6-inch diameter pizza is $8.00 while the cost of 12- inch diameter pizza is $16.00. Which is the better deal ?

(A) Both         (B) First      (C) Second


Question 10 :

In which quadrant does the point (-3,4) lie on ?

(A) 1st       (B) 2nd       (C) 3rd


After having gone through the stuff given above, we hope that the students would have practiced problems in the worksheet.

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