In this section, we are going to see mensuration formulas which can be used to find cured surface area, total surface area and volume of 3-D shapes like cylinder, cone and sphere. 


Curved surface area of cylinder  =  2πrh

Total surface area of cylinder  =  2πr(h + r)

Volume of cylinder  =  πr2h


Curved surface area of cone  =  πrl

Total surface area of cone  =  2πr(l + r)

Volume of cone  =  πr2h/3

Frustum Cone

Curved surface area of frustum cone  =  π(R + r)l

Total surface area of frustum cone is

 =  π(R + r)l + πR2πr2

 Volume of frustum cone  =  πh/3 ⋅ (R2 + Rr + r2)


Surface area of sphere  =  4πr2

Volume of sphere  =  4πr3/3


Curved surface area of hemisphere  =  2πr2

Total surface area of hemisphere  =  3πr2

Volume of hemisphere  =  2πr3/3


Surface area of cube  =  4a2

Total surface area of cube  =  6a2

Volume of hemisphere  =  a3


Surface area of cuboid  =  2(hw + lh)

Total surface area of cuboid  =  2(lw + hw + lh)

Volume of cuboid  =  l x w x h

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