(1)  The radius and height of a cylinder are in the ratio 5:7 and its curved surface area is 5500 Find its radius and height.              Solution

(2)  A solid iron cylinder has total surface area of 1848 sq.m. Its curved surface area is five – sixth of its total surface area. Find the radius and height of the iron cylinder.          Solution

(3)  The external radius and the length of a hollow wooden log are 16 cm and 13 cm respectively. If its thickness is 4 cm then find its T.S.A.          Solution

(4)  A right angled triangle PQR where angle Q = 90 degree is rotated about QR and PQ. If QR = 16 cm and PR = 20 cm, compare the curved surface areas of the right circular cones so formed by the triangle.       Solution

(5)  4 persons live in a conical tent whose slant height is 19 cm. If each person require 22 cm2 of the floor area, then find the height of the tent.      Solution

(6)  A girl wishes to prepare birthday caps in the form of right circular cones for her birthday party, using a sheet of paper whose area is 5720 cm2, how many caps can be made with radius 5 cm and height 12 cm.      Solution

(7)  The ratio of the radii of two right circular cones of same height is 1:3. Find the ratio of their curved surface area when the height of each cone is 3 times the radius of the smaller cone.      Solution

(8)  The radius of a sphere increases by 25%. Find the percentage increase in its surface area.    Solution

(9)  The internal and external diameters of a hollow hemispherical vessel are 20 cm and 28 cm respectively. Find the cost to paint the vessel all over at 0.14 per cm2 


(10)  Th e frustum shaped outer portion of the table lamp has to be painted including the top part. Find the total cost of painting the lamp if the cost of painting 1 is 2.


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