Creating Differential Equations Worksheets

In this page creating differential equations worksheets we are going to see some practice questions of the topic differential equation.

Form a differential equations by eliminating arbitrary constants given in brackets against each.

(i) y² = 4ax       {a}

(ii) y = a x² + bx + c       {a,b}

(iii) x y = c²       {c}

(iv) (x²/a²) + (y²/b²) = 1     {a , b}

(v) y = A e^(2x) + Be(-5x)   {A , B}

(vi) y = (A + Bx) e^(3x)        {A , B}

(vii) y = e^(3x) {C cos 2 x + D sin 2 x}    {C , D}

(viii) y = e^(mx)         {m}

(ix) y = Ae^(2x) cos (3 x + B)      {A, B}

(2) Find the differential equation of the family of straight lines

y = m x + (a/m) when

(i) m is the parameter

(ii) a is the parameter

(iii) a,m both are parameters

(3) Find the differential equation that will represent the family of all circles having centers on the x-axis and the radius is unity.