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SHSAT Math Practice Worksheet :

Here we are going to see some practice questions questions for SHSAT exams. Each question paper consists of 20 question. For each questions, you can find solution with detailed explanation. 

SHSAT Math Practice Worksheet - Practice questions

(1)  Phone Company A charges 50 + 3x dollars for an international phone plan, where x is the number of minutes spent talking.  Phone Company B charges 60 + 2x dollars for an international phone plan, where x is the number of minutes spent talking.  What is the price at which both companies charges the same amount?

(A)  $10  (B)  $20  (C)  $30  (D)  $80  (E)  $110


(2)  William, Xing Mei, Yuki, and Zack run a race.  In how many different ways can they finish?

(A)  4  (B)  16  (C)  24  (D)  32  (E)  64 


(3)  What is the solution set for -1 ≤ -2f + 1 ≤ 9?


(4)  On a blueprint of a school 1/4 inch represents 24 feet.  If the cafeteria is 60 feet long, what is its length,in inches, on the  blue print?

(A)  3/8  (B)  5/8  (C)  3/4  (D)  1 ¼  (E) 2 ½


(5)  In the above figure, the two circles ate tangent at point R.  The length of PR = 8.  The area of the circle with center Q is 4 times larger than the area of the circle with center S.What is the length of QS?

(A)  6  (B)  8  (C)  10  (D)  12  (E)  16


(6)  Olu has taken four tests so far in her math class.  Her scores on these tests are 94, 100, 88 and 80.  The score on her final exam will be counted twice in her mean.  What is the lowest score she can ger on her final exam and have a mean score of no less than 92?

(A)  90  (B)  95  (C)  97  (D)  100  (E)  180


(7)  Darius ran 1/6 as many times around the track as Ezekiel.  Darius ran around the track 2⅔ times.  How many times did Ezekiel run around the track?

(A)  8  (B)  10  (C)  12  (D)  14  (E)  16


(8)  A decagon has 10 sides and 10 angles.  What is the average number of degrees        in each interior angle of a decagon?

(A)  140  (B)  144  (C)  1,296  (D)  1,400  (E)  1,440


(9)  The table below show a relationship between x and y values.

(A)  y = 0.5x + 2  (B)  y = x + 1  (C)  y = 2x + 1 

(D)  y = 3x – 2  (E)  y = 4x – 1


(10)  |x - 3 x 5| = 6 + y, |9 – y + 6| = 21

In the equations above, y < 0. What is the value of x?

(A)  -15  (B)  -3  (C)  3  (D)  5  (E)  15


(11) The probability of picking a piece of dark chocolate out of a bowl of candy is 5 / 6. Which of the following  could NOT be the number of pieces of candy in the bowl?

 (A)  6  (B)  11  (C)  24  (D)  30  (E)  60


(12)  Two pyramids are glued together base to base.  The area of each base is 25 in 2, and the height of one of the pyramids is 3 in.The other  pyramid is twice as high. What is the total volume of the combined figure?

(A)  25 cu. in  (B)  50 cu. in  (C)  75 cu. in

(D)  100 cu. in  (E)  125 cu. in


(13)  If a = 2b3/c, what happens to the value of a when both b and c are doubled?

(A)  a is not changed  (B)  a is halved 

(C)  a is doubled (D)  a is tripled

(E)  a is multiplied by 4.


(14)  In a class poll, 24 students choose pizza as their favorite food, 15 students chose hamburgers, and 1 student chose neither.  What fraction of the students polled chose pizza?

(A)  3/5  (B)  4/5  (C)  ¼  (D)  3/8  (E)  5/8


(15)  What is the value of √16+9 – (√16 + √9) ?

(A)  -2  (B)  0  (C)  2  (D)  4  (E)  6



 In the above figure, triangle PQR is equilateral, S is located at the midpoint of PR , and T is located at the midpoint of QR.  What is the degree measurement of angle PST?

(A) 120  (B)  125  (C)  135  (D)  150  (E)  180



 The graph above shows the distribution of Pete’s $1,200 living expenses.  Pete has two roommates and splits the cost of rent with them equally, so the amount he pays for rent is only part of the total rent for the apartment in which he lives.  What is the total rent for Pete’s apartment?

(A)  $360  (B)  $720  (C)  $1,080 

(D)  $1,200  (E)  $1,333


(18)  At noon, Bradley began steadily increasing the speed of his car by 2 miles per hour every minute.  At 12:15 p.m., he realized he was going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit.  If his speed at noon was 40 miles per hour, what was the speed limit.  If his speed at noon was 40 miles per hour, what was the speed limit at 12:15 p.m.?

(A)  50  (B)  55  (C)  60  (D)  65  (E)  70


(19)  (2 + 3) x (4 – 2)2

If the parenthesis  were removed from the above expression, what would be the change in the value of the expression?

(A)  There will be no change in value

(B)  a decrease of 4  (C) a decrease of 10

(D)  a decrease of 18  (E)  a decrease of 186



 Point C (not shown) is on the midpoint of AB.  What is the y-coordinate of point c?

(A)  -1.0  (B)  -0.5  (C)  0  (D)  0.5  (E)  1.0


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