10th CBSE math solution for exercise 5.1

This page 10th CBSE math solution for exercise 5.1 is going to provide you solution for every problems that you find in the exercise no 5.1

10th CBSE math solution for exercise 5.1

(1) In which of the following situations,does the list of numbers involved make an arithmetic progression,and why?

(i) The taxi fare each km when the fare is Rs.15 for the first km and Rs.8 for each additional km.   Solution

(ii) The amount of air present in a cylinder when a vacuum pump removes 1/4 of the air remaining in the cylinder at a time.  

(iii) The cost of digging a well after every meter of digging,when it costs Rs.150 for first meter and rises by Rs.50 for each subsequent meters.   

(iv) The amount of money in the account every year,when Rs.10000 is deposited at compound interest at 8% per annum. 

(2) Write first four terms of the A.P when the first term a and common difference d are given as follows.

(i) a = 1 0  d = 10                  Solution

(ii) a = -2  d = 0                  Solution

(iii) a = 4  d = -3                  Solution

(iv) a = -1  d = 1/2                  Solution

(v) a = - 1.25   d = -0.25                  Solution

(3) For the  following A.P s,write  the first term and the common difference

(i) 3,1,-1,-3,..........

(ii) -5,-1,3,7,..........

(iii) 1/3,5/3,9/3,13/3,.......

(iv) 0.6,1.7,2.8,3.9,........

(4) Which of the following are APs? If they form an A.P, find the common difference d and write three more terms.

(i) 2,4,8,16,.........


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