Geometry worksheets

In Geometry worksheets, we are going to have some questions in the topic geometry. These questions are given here to practice which will be much help full for the students who are preparing the topic geometry for exam.Here,we have focused the topic lines,circles,concurrency of two lines and also angles.The questions given here on worksheets which each and every student has to learn in their school days.Many students are having feeling that geometry is the difficult topic to learn.But once they understand those concept clearly and some important formulas, the topic geometry will not be difficult one to learn. Apart from these questions, students need to practice some geometry worksheets to improve their skill in geometry.

Here are some of the questions given on Geometry worksheets

Fill in the blanks

  1. The line has ________________ Points .
  2. The plane has length and breadth and does not have ______________
  3. Only ________ line passes through two different points in a plane.
  4. The two lines intersect each other at a point known as ________ point of both the line
  5. The two lines do not intersect each other at any point such lines are called _________ lines
  6. A dot gives us an idea of a __________
  7. A wall gives you an idea of ____________
  8. Three or more points are _____________ if they all lie on a line
  9. Three or more lines are ____________ if they all pass through the same point
  10. The line segment has only ____________ end point
  11. The line segment is the portion of the ________
  12. An angle of measure _________________ is called a right angle.
  13. An angle of measure 180° is called a ___________
  14. An angle of measures ___________ is called the zero angle
  15. An Acute angle is one whose measures is grater than _____ but less than _____
  16. An obtuse angle is one whose measures is greater than ________but less than _________
  17. A ___________ angle is one whose measure is greater than 180 degree but less than 360°
  18. Two angles formed by two intersecting lines having no common arm are said to be ______________ angles
  19. Vertical opposite angles are always ____________ to each other
  20. If sum of two angles is 90° they are said to be ________________ angled
  21. If sum of two angles 180° then they are said to be __________
  22. Distance between two intersecting lines is ____________
  23. The perpendicular distance between two parallel lines is __________ everywhere.
  24. The angles of each pair of corresponding angles are _________
  25. The sum of interior angles on the same side of the transversal is ________
  26. In a triangle an __________angle equals the sum of two opposite interior opposite angles.
  27. The sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the ______________ Side
  28. A triangle having no two sides equal is called a __________ triangle
  29. A triangle having two sides equal is called an ____________ triangle
  30. The length of the diameter is __________ the radius of the circle.
  31. In the circle the fixed point is called _____________ of the circle and the constant Distance is called __________ of the circle.
  32. Circles with same center are called _______________ circles.
  33. If two parts of circle are equal then,each part is called _______________
  34. The angles opposite to equal sides of an isosceles triangle are ________
  35. The ___________ opposite to equal angles of a triangle are equal
  36. If two sides of a triangle are unequal the angle opposite to the ______________ is larger
  37. In any triangle the side opposite to the ___________ is larger.
  38. The sum of angles in a quadrilateral is _____________
  39. The ________________ of a parallelogram divides it into two congruent triangles
  40. Parallelograms on the same base and between the same parallels are equal in _________
  41. The _____________ of a triangle divides it into two triangles of equal area
  42. Chords equidistant from the center of a circular area equal in __________
  43. Congruent arcs of a circle subtend equal __________ at the center

  44. Now, we are going to see some true or false questions on Geometry worksheets.

    True or False type of geometry questions

    1. A point has no shape.

    Answer: True

    2.Two lines in a plane always intersect in a point.

    Answer: True

    3.Infinitely many lines can be drawn through two distinct points

    Answer: False

    4.Four points are collinear if any three of them lie on a same line

    Answer: True

    5.Through a given point,infinitely many lines can be drawn

    Answer: True

    6.If the two lines being crossed are parallel lines,then the corresponding angles are equal.

    Answer: True

    7.Angles in a same segment are not equal

    Answer: True

    8.The angles in a same segment are not equal

    Answer: False

    9.Two supplementary angles may not form a linear pair

    Answer: True

    10.Chord passes through the center of the circle

    Answer: False These are the questions on the page geometry worksheets.

    1. infinitely many
    2. thickness
    3. one
    4. common
    5. parallel
    6. point
    7. plane
    8. collinear
    9. concurrent
    10. Two
    11. line
    12. 90 degree
    13. straight angle
    14. 0 degree
    15. 0 degree , 90 degree
    16. 90 degree ,180 degree
    17. Reflex angle
    18. Vertically opposite angles
    19. Equal
    20. Complementary
    21. supplementary angle
    22. zero
    23. same
    24. equal
    25. 180 degree
    26. Exterior
    27. Third
    28. Scalene
    29. Equilateral
    30. Twice
    31. center, radius
    32. concentric
    33. semicircle
    34. equal
    35. Equal
    36. longer side
    37. larger angle
    38. 360 degree
    39. diagonal
    40. area
    41. median
    42. length
    43. angles

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