10th grade math worksheets 5

In this 10th grade math worksheets 5, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 10 th grade

Here is 10th grade math worksheets 5.

1. The sum of ages of a father and the son is 45 years. Five years after the product of their ages will be 600. Find the present age of them.

(A) 55 years,12 years
(B) 35 years, 10 years
(C) 64 years,5 years

2. An over head tank has been constructed to supply water to a village with a population of 3140 at the rate of 25 liters per head per day. Water is pumped in to it through a pipe of 10 cm diameter, the rate of flow being 4 m per sec.How long will it take to fill the tank every morning?  (π = 3.14)

(A) 35 minutes 50 seconds
(B) 41 minutes 40 seconds
(C) 15 minutes 20 seconds

3. It is 9 hours now in a 12 hour clock. What will be the time after 18 hours?

(A) 3 hours
(B) 7 hours
(C) 2 hours

4. Find the sum of 15 cubes, whose sides are 1 cm,2 cm,3 cm ........... 15 cm respectively

(A) 14400 cm3
(B) 25600 cm3
(C) 16000 3

5. In a flower garden, there are 21 cactus plants in the first row,19 in the second, 17 in the third and so on. There are 5 cactus plants in the last row. How many no of rows are there in the flower garden?

(A) 20
(B) 30
(C) 9

6. A straight highway leads to the foot of a tower. A man is standing at the top of the tower observes a car at an angle of depression 30 °, which is approaching the foot of a tower with a uniform speed. Six seconds after, the angle of depression of the car is found to be 60°find the time taken by a car to reach the foot of the tower from this point.

(A) 3 seconds
(B) 5 seconds
(C) 7 seconds

7. Find the area of the shaded region of the given picture.If the radius of the the two concentric circles with center O are cm and 14 cm respectively and angle AOB =40 °

(A) 125/8 cm 2
(B) 140/3 cm 2
(C) 154/3 cm 2

8.The straight lines x + y - 5 =0 and 2x + 3y = 13 are the diameters of a circle.Find the radius of the circle if the circle passes through the point (2,1)

(A) 5 units
(B) 2 units
(C) 7 units

9. The variance of 5 values is 9.If each value is doubled then determine the standard deviation of new values.Find the numbers.

(A) 5
(B) 8
(C) 6

10. The mean runs scored by three batsman A,B and C in the same series of 10 innings are 58,48 and 14 respectively. The standard deviation of their runs are 15,12 and 2 respectively.Who is the most consistent batsman?

(A) A
(B) B
(C) C

These are the questions on math prepared in 10th grade math worksheets 5 based on the curriculum of 10th grade.


1. 35 years, 10 years

2. 41 minutes 40 seconds

3. 3 hours

4. 14400 cm³

5. 9

6. 3 seconds

7. 154/3 cm²

8. 2 units

9. 6

10. C                  10th grade math worksheets 5

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