(1)  If the difference between a number and its reciprocal is 24/5, find the number.            Solution 

(2)  A garden measuring 12m by 16m is to have a pedestrian pathway that is ‘w’ meters wide installed all the way around so that it increases the total area to 285 m2. What is the width of the pathway?         Solution 

(3)  A bus covers a distance of 90 km at a uniform speed. Had the speed been 15 km/hour more it would have taken 30 minutes less for the journey. Find the original speed of the bus.         Solution 

(4)  A girl is twice as old as her sister. Five years hence, the product of their ages (in years) will be 375. Find their present ages.       Solution

(5)  A pole has to be erected at a point on the boundary of a circular ground of diameter 20 m in such a way that the difference of its distances from two diametrically opposite fixed gates P and Q on the boundary is 4 m. Is it possible to do so? If answer is yes at what distance from the two gates should the pole be erected?     Solution

(6)  From a group of 2x2 black bees , square root of half of the group went to a tree. Again eight-ninth of the bees went to the same tree. The remaining two got caught up in a fragrant lotus. How many bees were there in total?   


(7)  Music is been played in two opposite galleries with certain group of people. In the first gallery a group of 4 singers were singing and in the second gallery 9 singers were singing. The two galleries are separated by the distance of 70 m. Where should a person stand for hearing the same intensity of the singers voice? (Hint: The ratio of the sound intensity is equal to the square of the ratio of their corresponding distances).         Solution

(8)  There is a square field whose side is 10 m. A square flower bed is prepared in its centre leaving a gravel path all round the flower bed. The total cost of laying the flower bed and gravelling the path at ₹3 and ₹4 per square metre respectively is ₹364. Find the width of the gravel path.       Solution

(9)  Two women together took 100 eggs to a market, one had more than the other. Both sold them for the same sum of money. The first then said to the second: “If I had your eggs, I would have earned ₹15”, to which the second replied: “If I had your eggs, I would have earned ₹ 6 . How many eggs did each had in the beginning?


(10)  The hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is 25 cm and its perimeter 56 cm. Find the length of the smallest side.                Solution

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