Question 1 :

How many 5's in 300

(A) 50          (B) 30         (C) 60


Question 2 :

Add 15.24 + 18.23

(A) 15.24         (B) 114.84         (C) 33.47


Question 3 :

The wrong number of the sequence

1, 8, 27, 64, 124, 216, 343,

(A) 1           (B) 124          (C) 343


Question 4 :

A triangle with sides of length 6, 8 and 10 is a

(A) Equilateral triangle     (B) Scalene triangle

(C) Right triangle


Question 5 :

James, David and Jack live in a row of three houses on the same street. Walking their houses, they pass a white house first, then a green house, then a blue house. David lives next door to the green house. Jack does not live next door to his friend who lives in the blue house. Who lives in the blue house ?

(A) Jack           (B) James           (C) David


Question 6 :

Jane spent $42 for shoes. This was $14 less than twice what she spent for a blouse. How much was the blouse?

(A) 10            (B) 20           (C) 15


Question 7 :

In a triangle, the length of the first side is “x”. The length of the second side is 2 cm greater than first side. The third side is 5 cm greater than the first side. If the perimeter of the triangle is 13, what is the length of each side ?(Taken in order:1st , 2nd,3rd)

(A) 7               (B) 4             (C) 2


Question 8 :

In a right angled triangle, the length of the opposite side and adjacent side are 3 cm and 4 cm respectively. What is the area of the triangle ?

(A) 5              (B) 6              (C) 4


Question 9 :

Suppose Andrew is half the age of Brian, Brian is three times older than Charles and the sum of their ages is 44 years. How old is Charles ?

(A) 10            (B) 12           (C) 8


Question 10 :

The reduced common fraction for the

sum of (3/8) and (8/3) is

(A) 24/73            (B) 73/14             (C) 73/24


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