Quadratic Equation Practical Solution7

In this page quadratic equation practical solution7 we are going to see solution of practice question of the worksheet quadratic equation practical application.

Question 7:

One year ago a man was 8 times as old as his son. Now his age is equal to the square of his son’s age. Find their present age.


Let “x” be the present age of son

Let “y” be the age of father

So (x -1) be the age of son one year age

(y-1) be the age of father one year ago.

By using the given information

 y = x²

 y – 1 = 8 (x -1)

 y = 8 x – 8 + 1

y = 8 x – 7

x² = 8 x – 7

x²- 8 x + 7 = 0

x²- 1 x – 7 x + 7 = 0

x (x  - 1) – 7(x – 1) = 0

(x -1)  (x – 7) = 0

X – 1 = 0   x – 7 = 0

  X = 1       x = 7

Therefore age of father is 49.

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quadratic equation practical solution7 quadratic equation practical solution7

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