Problems On Discount

In this page "problems on discount" we are going to see some practice problems on discount which are usually asked in SAT exam and other competitive exams.By practicing these problems, students can improve their aptitude skills as well as they can know the time consumption for SAT exam & other competitive exams.

1.The true discount on a bill of $430 due 3 years hence is $30 at what rate is the simple interest reckoned?

(A)    1.5%
(B)    2.5%
(C)    3.5%

2.The difference between simple interest and true discount on a certain sum of money for 6 months at 4% be $3.Find the sum.

(A)    $7650
(B)    $6000
(C)    $5050

3. On a certain sum of money, the banker's discount and true discount at the rate of 5% are $30 and $ 25 respectively. Find the total rate.

(A)    $150
(B)    $550
(C)    $450

4.Joseph purchased a bicycle for $150 and sold it for $220 on a loan for one year. If the rate of interest is 10%,what will be the profit per cent?

(A)    33.33%
(B)    43.34%
(C)    55.42%

5.Find out the rate of simple interest and which the true discount on a bill of ears hence is $30.

(A)    8%
(B)     6%
(C)    5%

6.The simple interest at 6% on $4500 is equal to the true discount on $4860 at same rate for same time. After how much time the second installment is payable?

(A)    3 year
(B)    1 year
(C)    8 year

7.Present worth on a bill of $338 due 2 years at 4% per annul compound interest will be ?

(A)    $300
font size ="2"color ="#228B22"> (B)    $350
(C)    $312.50

8.Find out the difference between simple interest and true discount on $600 for 4 years at the rate of 5%.

(A)    $ 10
(B)     $ 15
(C)     $ 20

9. Interest on $5000 is equal to the true discount on $ 5050. If the rate is is 4% for discount, find out the time period.

(A)    3 months
(B)     1 month
(C)    6 months

10.On a certain amount of sum due 1 year, hence the discount is $100 and the banker's discount is $104.Find the sum.

(A)    $2600
(B)     $1500
(C)    $1200

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1. 2.5%

2. $7650

3. $150

4. 33.33%

5. 5%

6. 1 year

7. $312.50

8. $ 20

9. 3 months

10. $2600