What does mean by operation:

Operations mean addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We are using the symbol "+" to represent addition, "-" for representing subtraction,"x" for multiplication and "/" for division. By using these symbols we can simplify two or more number as a single number. Whenever we have more symbols with number in a single line we may get confusion about how to start simplifying. For that time we must use the concept order of operation. It is very important topic in math. The students must clear about this topic. Because it is the basic concepts in math.

Types of operations:

It is the procedure or action which produces a new value from one or more input values, called Operands. Usually there are two general types:

1. Unary

2. Binary

In Unary operation we will have only one value like negation and trigonometric functions.

Meaning of binary operators:

By using binary operator we can simplify two numbers. "Bi" means two. In front of binary operator and after binary operator we will use two numbers. The binary operators are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

These binary operators are used in exponent scientific notation also. The numbers which are in both sides are called the operands. The symbol "+" is used to denote addition, the symbol "-" is used to denote subtraction, the symbol "x" is used to denote multiplication and the symbol "/" is used to denote division.

In the following pages you can clearly understand many basic things in math. Every one should learn these topics. If you already know these topics you can also try our worksheets to refresh your knowledge. In these page worksheets you can get more and more worksheets in each topic in math. Now let us see some example of using binary operators.

Oder of operation

operations to basic math

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