Multiplication Word Problems

In this page multiplication word problems you can find many problems using the concept multiplication of fraction.Students must practice this kind of problems to get knowledge.We have given math problems on different math topics. We have given these problems with detailed solution.

Question 1:

If a tailor uses ¾ m of cloth to make a skirt,how much cloth does he need for 7 skirts?


(a) 5 ¼ m

(b) 2 ¼ m

(c)  3 ¼ m

Question 2:

John made 5 cups of tea. She used ¾ teaspoonful of sugar for each cup of tea. How many teaspoonful of sugar did she use in all?


(a) 1 ¾

(b) 3 ¾

(c)  1 ¾

Question 3:

Mary bought 4⁄3 kg  of beef. She cooked  ¾ kg of it for lunch. How much beef did she cook?


(a) 1 kg

(b) 3 kg

(c)  4 kg

Question 4:

Jennifer had 18 picture cards. She gave  ⅓ of them to Mary. How many picture cards does she have now?


(a) 12 

(b) 13

(c)  14

Question 5:

Mr.John weights 80 kg. His son is ⅗ as heavy. Find their total weight.


(a) 128 kg  

(b) 135 kg 

(c)  142 kg

Question 6:

A man gets $450 per month. He gives ⅛  of the amount to his wife and ⅙  to his children. How much will each get?


(a) 128  

(b) 35 

(c) 75

Solution for 1 to 3

Solution for 4 to 6

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