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In this page math terms startingwith U we are going to see definitions of mathematical terms starting with the letter "U". We have listed out almost terms in math startingwith U.In math also it is very important to know the meaning of many important words which are being used in the subject math.Each term is defined and examples are provided where ever it is necessary. Links are given for every words, by using this students can learn the meaning and its application more clearly.




A polygon with 11 sides 11 angles. It is also called us Hen decagon. Canadian dollar is in the shape of undecagon.

Undefined terms

A term used without a specific mathematical definition.


The terms or conditions or sets which are not equal. It is denoted by '≠'.


Things or sets or objects which are same in size, design, so on.

Uniform scale

A scale in which the numbers are uniformly placed.


A standard quantity used in measurement. Example: An inch is a unit of length, pound is unit of weight so on.

Unlike terms

Terms that involve different variables or same variables with different exponents.


3, 3x, 4x², 5y⁴ all are unlike terms.

Unit variate data

Data for single variable.

Unitary method

This is the technique in algebra by using this method we can solve a problems involving quantity.

Purpose of using this method:

Suppose the price of an article is given. We can find the price of a number of articles.Int these kind of situation we need to use Method.In this method, we can find the value of one quantity from the given ones and then find the value of required number of quantities.

Unit vector

A vector whose modulus is unity,is called unit vector.

The unit vector in the direction of a vector is denoted by a cap.

These are the words in math terms startingwith U.

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