Math Problems

In this page math problems in many topics. Students must practice this kind of problems to get knowledge.We have given math problems on different math topics. We have given these problems with detailed solution.

There are two steps for solving math word problems:

  • Translate the words into a numeric equation
    which combines smaller "expressions" Solve the equation!


  • Read the problem completely
    Get a feel for the whole problem
  • List out the information and the variables you identify
    Attach units of measure to the variables (miles, inches,foot, etc.)
  • Define what answer you need,
    as well as its units of measure
  • Work in an organized manner
    Working clearly will help you to  think clearly Draw and label all  graphs and pictures clearly Note or explain each step of your  process;this will help you find variables and remember their meanings
  • Use the formula as we need.

Generally in students point of view they are thinking that word problems will be very difficult to solve. But we have given the problems and solution with clear steps and explanations. This will help you to face this kind of word problems easily.Using the given methods you can easily handle this kind of problems.

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