Y :

Some time y represents a variable, or a linear function like y = m x + b which is a equation of a line.

Y-axis :

The vertical axis in a coordinate plane.

Y- Coordinate :

Second coordinate in any ordered pair(x, y). Also called as ordinate.

y-intercept :

Value of y when the curve crosses x axis. For y intercept the x value must be 0. That is x = 0 for y intercept in the ordered pair.

Yard :

A unit of measure. A yard is nearly equal to 91.5cm. It is also equal to 3 feet.

Year :

A period of time in which the earth completes one revolution around the sun. A year consists of 365 days and a leap year consists of 366 days.

y-z Plane :

y-z plane is simply defined as the plane formed by the y-axis and z-axis.

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