Grade 2 math

In this page, we are going to discuss about Grade 2 math.Teaching math is an art. Particularly, the teaching of math for lower classes like 2 rd grade is bit challenging. Because in that age, the way in which we teach math to the students will create interest to them on the subject math. In lower classes, if the way of teaching math is not interesting, it will make the students to have negative opinion on the subject math even when they come to higher classes. And always, they will feel that math is a difficult subject to learn.

So, they way in which we teach math for lower classes is very important. The way of teaching math for lower classes must be fun and joyful. If the way of teaching math is not fun and joyful, the students will dislike math even when they to come to higher classes.

Usually kids will like to have fun. If they learn math as fun and joyful, easily they can understand the concepts and remember them even when they go higher classes. With the aim of math as fun and joyful, we have created this page especially for 2 nd grade students.

We hope that the 2 nd grade students will definitely enjoy learning math if the parents use the contents which we give on this page.

The teachers who are teaching 2 nd grade students can also use our contents which we give on this page and make teaching math as fun and joyful.

Grade 2 math gives opportunity for kids, to have fun and at the same time to learn about fundamental knowledge of numbers, counting skills. Students can enjoy learning with fun in this page.

Here you can practice problems in topics like, numbers, counting, adding single digit numbers, subtracting numbers, comparing and so on.

Parents and teachers can guide their children to learn and practice the basic knowledge about numbers, counting skills, comparing and so on.

You can practice the work sheet given here and if you have any doubt please Contact Usthrough mail, and we will solve and send the problem.

Ordinal numbers
Cardinal numbers

Addition table

Work sheet1
Work sheet 2
Work sheet 3
Work sheet 4
Work sheet 5

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