2nd Grade Worksheet2

Here, 2nd grade worksheet2 on math is given. You can do the problems on this work sheet and also check whether the answer you have got is correct.We have already given the direct answers to all he question paper.

Some ideas to develop maths skill to your child:
In this age 4 to 6 years children are introduced to numbers and some shapes.Numbers are initialization in counting.To improve interest in any subject children need some initial encouragement.

Because this gives a pleasure to them and we can easily involve them to the subject.we need to appreciate the students.This will give positive approach to the child any thing and the child will become ready to face that.Everything is about attitude.

Even the parents are weak in the subject math the parents should not tell to their child that "I am weak in the subject math". Because this will give negative approach in math.To improve counting to the children we have to show the different things to them and ask the to count.For example if we have any flower plant in our home,we can ask the children to count the number of flowers in that plant.We should not given pressure to them.

Recognizing numbers are also important in this age.To develop this we can show cereal pack to the children and ask them to find how many ounces it is.Initially we should give pressure to the children they must tell the answer on time.we have to give some extra time to them and we should compare them with other child.Because this will not give interest in learning that subject.

By considering these points we have prepared these 2nd grade worksheets to improve interest on the subject math.This will be very useful to the kindergarten students.These worksheets will give more fun in learning.Teachers and parents also can encourage the students to do these worksheets.

In this 2nd grade worksheet2, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 2nd grade

Here is 2nd grade worksheet2

1.Find the missing number.

(A)   2
(B)   6
(C)   5

2.Which pencil is short?

(A)  Pencil A
(B)  Pencil B
(C)   Both are equal

3.29 is between __________ and 30

(A) 27
(B) 28
(C) 29

4.Write the missing term in the following sequence 3, 5, 7, _____, 11

(A) 8
(B) 9
(C) 10

5.Which of the following object is used to measure temperature?

(A) Scale
(B) Thermometer
(C) Ruler

6.Name the shape

(A)  Rectangle
(B)   Square
(C)  Circle

7.If one pencils costs $1 then what will be the cost of 3 pencils?

(A) $1
(B) $3
(C) $5

8.How many rectangles are in the below picture?

(A)  Three
(B)   Two
(C)  One

9.Some students are running in a race. Mark comes in 4th from the finishing line. He is also in the 7th position from the last position. How many students are in the race?

(A) 12
(B) 15
(C) 10

10.What is 300 + 5 + 6?

(A) 307
(B) 311
(C) 356

These are the questions on math prepared in 2nd grade worksheet2 based on the curriculum of 2nd grade.This question paper will be very useful to students who are trying to improve their knowledge.Kids must practice this kind of question papers.Like this you can find lot of question papers in this website.We are sure that this helped you a lot.Thanks for using www.onlinemath4all.com


1. 6

2. Pencil B

3. 28

4. 9

5. Thermometer

6. Rectangle

7. $3

8. Three

9. 10


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