If f (x) and g(x) are two polynomials of same degree then the polynomial carrying the highest coefficient will be the dividend.

In case, if both have the same coefficient then compare the next least degree’s coefficient and proceed with the division.

If r (x) = 0 when f(x) is divided by g(x) then g(x) is called GCD of the polynomials.

(1)  Find the GCD of the given polynomials

(i) x4 + 3x3 −x −3, x3 +x2 −5x + 3         Solution

(ii) x4  - 1,  x3 - 11x2 + x - 11     Solution

(iii) 3x4 + 6x3 −12x2 −24x, 4x4 +14x3 + 8x2 −8x     Solution

(iv)  3x3 + 3x2 + 3x + 3 , 6x3 +12x2 + 6x +12       Solution

(2)  Find the LCM of the given expressions.

(i)  4x2y, 8x3y2               Solution

(ii)  -9a3b2, 12a2b2c             Solution

(iii)  16m, -12m2n2, 8n2             Solution

(iv) p2 − 3p +2, p2 - 4             Solution

(v)  2x2 - 5x -3, 4x2 -36             Solution

(vi) (2x2 -3xy)2, (4x -6y)3, 8x3 -27y3             Solution

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