Construction of statistical table

          Construction of statistical table is the arrangement of the information in rows and columns.

To get the meaning of statistical table,we can take the quote from Neiswagner, "A statistical table is a systematic organization of data in columns and rows" The systematic arrangements of data obtained after the process is called Table.

Construction-of-statistical-table has some major parts and some minor parts.

Major parts:

  1. The Title.
  2. The Box head.
  3. The Stub entries.
  4. The body.

The Title: Title is the main heading written at the top of the table. It must explains, the contents of the table.

The Box Head: The vertical heading and subheadings are called Box Head, which is also known as column caption. The space where the column headings are written is called as Box head. Only the first letter of the Box head should be written in capital letters, and the remaining should be written in small letters.

The Stub Entries: The horizontal headings and sub headings of a row are called as the stub entries or row caption. The space where the row headings are written is called as stub.

The Body: The main part of the table is called as Body, which contains the numerical information classified with respect to row and column captions.Some other parts of the table are as follows:

Prefatory notes: As the name denotes, a statement which describes the unit of measurement. It appears below the Title, enclosed by brackets.

Foot notes: As usual it appears at the foot of the body giving further explanation.

Source notes:It indicates the time from when the source is taken from, and it comes under the table.

Construction of statistical table-Example

Importance of statistical table:

  • The main object of the table is to simplify the complex observation, so that it can be easily understood.
  • Since data are arranged under the Title with numbers, it can be easily identified and used for the required purpose.
  • Tabulation makes the data brief, so we can graph it easily, we can analyze easily. 
  • It is very useful in finding the mistakes in the information.
  • In table data is divided into various parts, with totals and subtotals for each part, so that the relationship between the various parts is easily understandable.

Rules to be followed:

  • There should be proper title for each table.
  • We have to give tittle to each column and row.
  • It should be simple and attractive.
  • The unit of measurements should be well defined.
  • To reduce the unnecessary detail, the figure should be approximated before tabulation.
  • Percentages are given in the table if necessary.

Limitation of statistical table:

  • Statistical table contains only numerical data, so we can not get the detailed information.
  • It is bit difficult to understand the statistical table for common man.
  • Qualitative expressions is not possible through table.
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