Combination of Solids Worksheet3

In this page combination of solids worksheet3 we are going to see some practice questions of the topic mensuration.For each question you can find solution.



(15) A container with a rectangular base of length 4.4 m and breadth 2 m is used to collect rain water. The height of the water level in the container is 4 cm and water is transferred into a cylindrical vessel with radius 40 cm. What will be the height of the water level in the cylinder?

(16) A cylindrical bucket of height 32 cm and radius 18 cm is filled with sand. The bucket is emptied on the ground and a conical heap and sand is formed. If the height of the conical heap is 24 cm, find the radius and slant height of the heap.

(17) A cylindrical shaped well of depth 20 m and diameter 14 m is dug. The dug out soil is evenly spread to form a cuboid platform with base dimension 20 m x 14 m. Find the height of the platforms