Combination of Solids Worksheet2

In this page combination of solids worksheet2 we are going to see some practice questions of the topic mensuration.For each question you can find solution.



(9) Though a cylindrical pipe of internal radius 7 cm, water flows out at the rate of 5 cm/sec. Calculate the volume of water (in liters) discharged through the pipe in half an hour.


(10) Water in a cylindrical tank of diameter 4 m and height 10 m is released through a cylindrical pipe of diameter 10 cm at the rate of 2.5 km/hr. How much time will it take to empty the half of  the tank? Assume that the tank is full of water to begin with.


(11) A spherical solid material of radius 18 cm is melted and recast in to three small solid spherical spheres of different sizes. If the radii of two spheres are 2 cm and 12 cm,find the radius of new solid.


(12) A hollow cylindrical pipe is of length 40 cm. Its internal and external radii are 4 cm and 12 cm respectively. It is melted and cast into a solid cylinder of length 20 cm. Find the radius of the new solid.


(13) An iron right circular cone of diameter 8 cm and height 12 cm is melted and recast into spherical lead shots each of radius 4 mm. How many lead shots can be made?


(14) A right circular cylinder having diameter 12 cm and height 15 cm is full of ice cream. The ice cream is to be filled in cones of height 12 cm and diameter 6 cm, having a hemispherical shape on top. Find the number of such coned which can be filled with the ice cream available.

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combination of solids worksheet2 combination of solids worksheet2

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