Arithmetic Series Worksheet Solution8

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(20) A gardener plans to construct a trapezoidal shaped structure in his garden. The longer side of trapezoid needs to start with a row of 97 bricks. Each row must be decreased by 2 bricks on each end  and the construction should stop at 25th row. How many bricks does he need to buy?


The longer side of trapezoid shaped garden is containing 97 and each row must be decreased by 2 on each end and the construction must stop when it reaches the 25th row.

If we write the number of bricks in each row as sequence we will get 97,93,89,............

Now we nee to find number of bricks needed to buy. For that we have to make it as series and we have to find for 25 terms of the series.

 Sn = (n/2) [2a+(n-1)d]

a = 97  d = 93-97   n = 25

             = -4

 S25 = (25/2) [2(97) + (25-1) (-4)]

     = (25/2) [194 + (24) (-4)]

     = (25/2) [194 - 96]

     = (25/2) (98)

     = 25 x 49

     = 1225 bricks

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arithmetic series worksheet solution8

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