Question 1 :

The temperature at 12 noon was 10° C above zero.If it decreases at the rate of 2°C per hour until midnight, at what time would the temperature be 8°C below zero? 

(A)   3 pm       (B)  9 pm        (C)  8 pm

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Question 2 :

An elevator decends into a mine shaft at the rate of 6 m/min.If the decline starts from 10 m above the ground level. Calculate how long will it take to reach -350 m ?

(A)  1 hour            (B)  5 hours             (C)  2 hours 

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Question 3 :

How much less is 28 km than 46.2 km?  

(A)  18.2 km     (B)  14.6 km     (C)  12.5 km

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Question 4 :

Solve 5p + 2 = 17 

(A)   p = 2        (B) p = 5         (C)  p = 3

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Question 5 :

When two lines l and m meet, we say they intersect, the meeting point is called the __________________

(A) Point of contact   

(B) Point of intersection

(C)  None of these

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Question 6 :

Find the value of x in the following triangle

(A)   50°    (B)   70°   (C)   80°

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Question 7 :

The population of a city reduced from 25,000 to 24,500. Find the percentage decrease.

(A)   5%        (B)  2%             (C)  1%

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Question 8 :

A wire is in the shape of square of side 10 cm. If the wire is rebent in to a rectangle length 12 cm, calculate its width.

(A)   35%       (B)   27%      (C)  75%

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Question 9 :

Two sides of a parallelogram ABCD are 6cm and 4cm. The height corresponding to the base of CD is 3 cm. Find the area of the parallelogram

(A)  7 cm2           (B)   15 cm2             (C)   18 cm2

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Question 10 :

Diameter of a circular garden is 9.8 m. Calculate its area. 

(A)  50 cm       (B)  64 cm      (C)   30 cm

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