5th Grade Math Practice Worksheet :

In this section, we will see some practice problems for 5th grade students.

Question 1 :

Find the product of m2 and m4

(A) m6      (B) m2      (C) m4


Question 2 :

The magnitude of the sum of two negative numbers is the sum of their magnitudes and the sign of the sum will always be __________

(A) Positive    (B) Negative      (C) Zero


Question 3 :

If the dividend and the divisor have the same sign,the quotient is __________

(A) positive     (B) Negative     (C) Zero


Question 4 :

Represent the following fraction "Five eights" in numerals.

(A) 5/8     (B) 8/5    (C) 5/10


Question 5 :

Mary had 3/4 cup of sugar.She used 1/3 cup of that sugar to make a cake. How much sugar does she left?

(A) 11/20     (B) 5/75     (C) 3/10


Question 6 :

The multiplicative inverse of 1/6 is?

(C) 1/6     (B) -1/6     (C) 6


Question 7 :

A chemist mixed 6.35 grams of one compound with 2.45 grams of another compound.How many grams were there in the mixture ?

(A) 5.50 grams    (B) 7.50 grams     (C) 8.80 grams


Question 8 :

A map is 1.3 m long and 0.8 m wide. Find its area.

(A) 1.02 sq.m    (B) 1.04 sq.m    (C) 10.4 sq.m


Question 9 :

A copy of English book weighs 0.45 kg.What is the weight of 20 copies?

(A) 9 kg    (B) 0.65 kg     (C) 18 kg


Question 10 :

Find the L.C.M of 32, 48 and 64.

(A) 160       (B) 192      (C) 180


After having gone through the stuff given above, we hope that the students would have practiced problems in the worksheet.

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