Software engineering is one of the most popular majors nowadays. It opens up a door to a rapidly growing industry full of opportunities. With technology making swift progress, there is virtually no field left that wouldn’t have a spot for a talented software engineer. Combine that with fairly decent pay and it becomes very clear why this major has gained this much traction.

There is a sizable chunk of people who want to get into software engineering but don’t have any knowledge of it yet. These aspiring students can be easily thrown off by the all-encompassing nature of the major. What exactly can one do with this degree? The best way to answer this question is to make some concrete examples. So, here are some of the most popular jobs that you can do with a major in software engineering.

Cybersecurity Analyst

This is a sort of job that is always in demand. Cybersecurity is one of the primary concerns in the modern age of technology. People entrust their devices with their lives. Someone has to make sure that the software they use can’t be maliciously exploited. An experienced cybersecurity analyst is an invaluable asset for even the biggest companies. And they are willing to pay for it accordingly.

However, it’s easier to get into cybersecurity than to stay in it. It’s a very specific sort of job that requires complete dedication. If you are not enjoying every second of your work as a cybersecurity analyst, the burnout will drag you down in absolutely no time. On the other hand, if you have the mental fortitude and complete focus to be able to do this job consistently - you will find that there are very few out there quite like it.

The pace at which top cybersecurity analysts work can be quite harsh. Even if you are extremely driven, it may still test your limits. Especially if you have to balance it out with other activities like studying. So if at any point you find yourself unable to deal with the ever-increasing workload, outsourcing some of your college assignments to a reliable online essay help can save you from a total collapse. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

IT Consultant

IT consultant is a universal job. It is possible to get into it with pretty much any IT major. But software engineering is one of the best fits for it. The responsibilities of an average IT consultant can vary. In a general sense, the responsibilities you’ll handle on this job include monitoring and analyzing the client’s systems and advising them on how to best manage those systems in order to achieve the desired effect.

Do keep in mind that this is not exactly an entry-level job. You will have to accumulate a considerable amount of experience before you can go for an IT consultant position. It is a step up in a software engineering career. It is comparable to a management position in other fields, although its specifics are a bit different. So it’s a great choice if you are tired of working hands-on and want a slightly more laid-back job.

Game Developer

Game development has come a long way throughout the decades of its existence. What started out as the primitive version of ping-pong created in a computer lab as a joke has now become the next step of evolution in creative expression. A modern game development team consist of a variety of artists that work in collaboration:

     ∙ Designers;

     ∙ Writers;

     ∙ Musicians.

    The importance and size of each department depend on the genre and style of the game. However, in any game development team, there is always a place reserved for a good programmer. Programming is a slightly less competitive occupation than other available game development jobs. Therefore it is easier to jump right into it straight from college.

Another advantage of this industry is the variety of environments you can choose from. Big companies are hiring programmers en masse to work on giant high-paying AAA projects. Smaller indie studios bank on innovative concepts and allow you to play a much bigger role in the creation of the game. It’s an interesting and rapidly evolving field that can serve as a foundation for a solid career.

Web Designer

This is an option for those who want to use their technical education in a somewhat creative field. Web design is a very interesting and rewarding job. It’s more visual than most other coding activities. Being able to immediately see the result of your hard work is a great motivator. And to top it off, there is no shortage of work as there are always clients that need new websites created and old ones redesigned.

Web designers are responsible for creating and maintaining the visual layout of the website. This gives you a great outlet for your artistic expression. And people that have mastered the tools available to them can create real works of art. Even some of the more basic web design can pay off. And putting all you’ve got into your work can really skyrocket your career.

Final Words

Software engineering is a very versatile major. The foundation of skills it gives you can be used in purely technical fields, as well as a bridge to get into something entirely different. Biology, arts, accounting, criminal justice - there is a software component to pretty much anything nowadays. And if there isn’t - feel free to create one. Pioneering a new effective digital solution to an old problem is a one-way ticket to a successful software engineering career.

Do keep in mind, though, that it is mostly a very competitive field. And while you can get by with a minimum amount of effort, you will have to try to fight your way to the top. Be innovative and driven. Think outside the box. And the software engineering major will give you enough of a boost to make the most of those qualities to get you where you want to be.

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