10th Grade Math Worksheet15

In this 10th grade math worksheet15, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 10 th grade.Teachers and parents also can help the children to practice the work sheets and improve their knowledge. If you are having any difficulties to solve these problems please Contact us via mail. We will send you step by step detailed solution. By solving these problems you can realize you capability. Your valuable suggestions are welcome for the improvement of this site. 

Here is 10th grade math worksheet15.

1.Find the general terms of the A.P if a = 3 and d = 7

(A) 3n-1
(B) 7n-4
(C) 2n+1

2.Find the 5th term of the G.P 64,16,4........

(A) 1/2
(B) 1/5
(C) 1/4

3.Find the sum of the following sequence 1³ + 2³ ......... + 20 ³

(A) 44100
(B) 15800
(C) 4000

4.A cylindrical vessel of diameter 14 cm is containing  water. A metal sphere of diameter 7 cm is lowered in to the water until it is completely immersed.By how much  water will  rise?

(A) 1.17 cm
(B) 5.23 cm
(C) 1.25 cm

5.Solve x + y = 3,y + z = -5 and z + x = 2

(A) x = 0,y=0 and z=3
(B) x = 2,y=-1 and z=0
(C) x = 5,y=-2 and z=-3

6.Find a quadratic polynomial if the sum and product of zeros of it are –4 and -3 respectively.

(A) x2-4x-3
(B) x2+ 4x+3
(C) x2-4x+3

7.The G.C.D of 15x⁴ y³ z ⁵ and 12x² y⁷z²

(A) 3xyz
(B) 3x2yz3
(C) 3x2y3z2

8.The GCD and LCM of two polynomials are x + 1 and x⁶ - 1 respectively. If one of the polynomials is x³ + 1, find the other.

(A) (x -1)(x+1)
(B) (x3 -1)(x+1)
(C) (x2 +1)(x+1)

9.Find the values of k so that the equation
x ² - 2 x (1+3k) +7 (3+2k) has real and equal roots.

(A) 5, k = 3
(B) 2, k = 2
(C) 3, k = 2

10.The center of a circle is (-6,4). A diameter of the circle has its one end at the origin. Find its other end.

(A) (0,5)
(B) (-1,8)
(C) (-12,8)

These are the questions on math prepared in 10th grade worksheet15 based on the curriculum of 10th grade

1.   7n-4

2.   1/4

3.   44100 

4.   1.17 cm

5.   x = 5,y=-2 and z=-3

6.   x² - 4 x - 3

7.   3x² y³ z²

8.  (x³ -1)(x+1)

9.   3, k=2

10.  (-12,8)

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