Word Problem Solution1

In this page word problem solution1 we are going to see solution for first word problem of the worksheet cross multiplication method.

Formulate the following problems as a pair of equations,and hence find their solutions:

(i) One number is greater than thrice the other number by 2. If 4times the smaller number exceeds the greater by 5, find the numbers.


Let “x” be one number and “y “ be another number

Here one number is defined by other number

                x = 3 y + 2  ----- (1)

Here we have two variables x and y. In these two terms x is greater number and y is smaller number

                 4y = x + 5   ----- (2)

Substitute (11) in the second equation we get

            4 y = 3y + 2  + 5

           4 y - 3 y = 7

                      y = 7

Now we need to apply the value of y in first or second equation to get the value of y.

Substitute y = 7 in the first equation

              x = 3(7) + 2

              x = 21 + 2

              x = 23

Therefore one number is 23 and other number is  7.


x = 23       y = 7

23 = 3 (7) + 2

23 = 21 + 2

23 = 23

word problem solution1  word problem solution1

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