Units Of Weight

In the topic units of weight we are going to see some of conversion. In math we have lot of shapes like cylinder, cone,sphere,hemisphere ..........We have different formulas for finding volume for those shapes.For understanding this clearly let us take a real life example. let us take a book.The book is in the shape of cuboid.Measuring the weight of the book is nothing but the volume of the book.In industries the rods are in the shape of cylinder.Some time we will have combined shapes.Let us take a practical example a radius of the top of a bucket is 18 cm and that of bottom is 8 cm.Its depth is 14 cm.Find the capacity of the bucket.For this we need to find the volume of the bucket (or) frustum cone. Finally we need to represent the answer in cubic units.

Capacity is generally measured in milliliters, liters, or kiloliters.We hope this will be very useful to you

We need to measure the below items using centigrams only

Weight of of shampoo packet

Weight of ingredients


10 Milligrams (mg) = 1 centigram
10 centigrams (cg) = 1 decigram
10 decigrams (dg) = 1 gram
10 grams (g) = 1 decagram
10 decagrams (dag) = 1 hectogram
10 hectograms (hg) = 1 kilogram
1000 grams (g) = 1 kilogram
100 klilograms = 1 quintal
10 quintals = 1 metric tonne
1000 kilograms = 1 metric tonne

By using the above table we can do many calculation in volume.DO practice with this.

Now you can see the example problem to express the importance of the above table.

Units of Weight - Example

Weight of a apple is about 200 g. If there are 26 students in a class and each student is getting 1 apple, how much will the apples for the class weigh?(Answer should be in kilogram.


Weight of 1 apple = 200
Number of students in the class = 26
Weight of 26 apples = 26 x weight of 1 apple
= 26 x 200
= 5200 grams

Now we have to convert the answer into kilogram from gram.For that we have to know how many grams is 1 kilogram.From the table we come to know that 1000 grams is measuring 1 kilogram. That is 1 kilogram = 1000 grams.We need to divide 5200 grams by 1000 to change it as kilogram.So the answer is 5.2 kilogram.

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