Units of Volume

In the topic units of volume we are going to see some of conversion.Volume is nothing but capacity? “Mathematics, without this we can do nothing in our life. Each and everything around us is math.

Math is not only solving problems and finding solutions and it is also doing many things in our day to day life. They are:

It subtracts sadness and adds happiness in our life.

It divides sorrow and multiplies forgiveness and love.
Some people would not be able accept that the subject Math is easy to understand. That is because; they are unable to realize how the life is complicated. The problems in the subject Math are easier to solve than the problems in our real life. When we people are able to solve all the problems in the complicated life, why can we not solve the simple math problems?
In math, capacity is the amount that the particular shape hold. In math we have lot of shapes like cylinder, cone, sphere,hemisphere ..........We have different formulas for finding volume for those shapes.For understanding this clearly let us take a real life example. let us take a book.The book is in the shape of cuboid.Measuring the weight of the book is nothing but the volume of the book.In industries the rods are in the shape of cylinder.Some time we will have combined shapes.If you take the shape capsule it will be in the form of cylinder with two hemisphere .Generally We need to represent the volume in cubic units only.

Capacity is generally measured in milliliters, liters, or kiloliters.In this below table all the conversion used in the topic volume.We hope this will be very useful to you.

We need to measure the below items using kilolitres only

Amount of oil or gas heat in your tank

Amount of water in swimming pool

Amount of water in bucket

Annual milk production in Massachusetts


100 square millimetres (mm2) = 1 square centimeter
10 Millilitres (ml) = 1 centilitre
10 centilitre (cl) = 1 decilitre
10 decilitres (dl) = 1 litre
10 litres (l) = 1 decalitre
10 decalitres (dal) = 1 hectolitre
10 hectolitres (hl) = 1 kilolitre
1000 millilitres = 1 litre
1000 litres = 1 kilolitre

By using the table above we can do many calculation in volume.

Units of Volume-Example

A water tanks is of length 120 cm breadth 100 cm and height 80 cm/ How many liters of water can hold.


Capacity of the tank = l x b x h

= 120 x 100 x 80

= 960000 cm 3

Capacity of tank in liters = 960000/1000

= 960 liter

Therefore the capacity of tank is 960 liter.

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