Subtraction Formulas

In this page subtraction formulas we can find basic formulas in subtraction using fraction. By using this method we can easily subtract any two fractions with out taking L.C.M for the denominators.


If we want to subtract two fractions with different denominators we need to take L.C.M for the two fractions and we need to change them as same.Then only we can subtract the numerators.But in our method we can easily apply the formula and no need worry about taking L.C.M for the denominators.This formula will be very useful to the students who are beginner to Math.By using this formula we can easily get answer for a difficult problem too.After applying this formula we need to simplify the final answer to get the simplified form.Any way this new method will be very useful to the beginners.We have also given examples for each problem to make you understand more clear.We hope this will be very help ful to the students who are facing difficulties in doing problems in math.

We have also given worksheets for each category of topics.By practicing this worksheets you can get more knowledge.These are the most basic topics in math.Students must practice this kind of worksheets.The students who are in the grade of elementary must practice this kinds of worksheets to get more knowledge in math. In this page you can get a clear idea in this topic and you have worksheets which consist of five question with clear steps has given.This page contains five practice questions with clear steps and explanations.

Subraction formula

ab - cd = (ad - bc) bd


Subtract 13 - 57

                  = [(1 x 7) - (5 x 3)] 21

                  = (7 - 15) 21

                  = -8 21

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